Back to the Eighties

Well, the Irish economy is tanking and is heading towards recession. Last time things were this bad was in the Eighties so here’s a few memories from that decade. After yesterday’s rather technical post, I need a nice squeaky throw away nostalgic one today.

The Fall Guy

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Too much Bosco to handle

From the opening title sequence of the wool, the yoyo and the cut out paper men…

To the magic door leading to the zoo…

And then there’s Michael Finnegan, I wonder where he went?

Yes, if you grew up in the eighties in Ireland then you’ll know all about Bosco. Aren’t we lucky?

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The biggest clown in TV

Paul Stokes is at it again! Not content with barging in on a chat show last week he drove a car through a security barrier at RTE in Dublin, headed for the main doors, crashed into those before finally coming to rest a few feet away when his car bounced off the doors with the impact! He was detained by security and is to appear at Dublin District Court this morning.

If his GPS car system is so revolutionary why doesn’t he go through normal channels and develop it and create a business around it, and market the product just a little bit more sensibly? I can just imagine his conversation with a bank manager now if he does try to finance a startup.

Bosco.. where are you? All is forgiven!

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Humour When-in-Ireland

Bring Back Bosco!

If you’re not Irish you probably don’t know about Bosco, but if you grew up in the 80’s he’ll be instantly familiar. The Bosco Files has been around for a while but now, here’s a petition to bring back Bosco!
Maybe now they can answer why bosco has red cheeks, and will Frank be back to do a comedy intro?

Later.. The Bosco DVD is out! As is the Wanderly Wagon one! Here’s a picture of them in HMV, Cork a week ago. Did I buy? Err, no.

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Frank Twomey used to present c …

Frank Twomey used to present childrens tv program, Bosco. He doesn’t seem to mention Bosco anywhere though. I wonder why? *grin*

PS. leads to a parked domain now unfortunately.