C64 emulator for the Nokia 7650 is out!

Yes, it’s out! You can finally run your C64 games and demos on your Nokia 7650 or Series 6/7 phone! Here’s the announcement from a few days ago! Unfortunately you have to send the games over in a text/email message, so I’ll have to boot into Windows to copy over my C64 demos. Finger’s crossed that it’ll work!
Hmm.. Must find Stunt Car Racer before I reboot…

Update! Here’s what I tried and my impressions.
I tried two of my demos (and the only ones I can still find on my PC, the rest are on 5.25 disks..), Bits ‘n’ Bobs, and Awareness of Reality.

  1. BnB was my first major demo and was a single-load/multi-part demo made way back in 1992. It ran fairly well! Each part decrunched and executed before going onto the next part. Multiplexed sprites worked flawlessly, although some raster bars flickered in the border. (It’s very hard to get an exact timing on this!)
  2. AOR didn’t work at all unfortunately. This could be because I was ambitious and used strange characters in my disk filenames. It uses a fastloader so it’s doubtful it would load subsequent parts. Even Vice had trouble with that at one stage a few years ago.
  3. Stunt Car Racer worked fairly well. I was even able to redefine the keys and made it around the first track. An ugly problem reared it’s head here though. It’s not possible to press 2 keys at the same time. When I pressed the joystick button down to boost, that worked, but when I pressed 4 or 6 to turn the boost shut itself off. I think that’s a failing of the 7650 though, as the same happens in Java games.
  4. Sound works fine for a while, but then slows down and becomes annoying. I had to turn the sound off when this happened.

As a final note, if you had told me 10 years ago that the demos I was working on would someday work on a handheld phone I’d have laughed at you!
This reminds me that I thought the same thing the first time I saw my demos running in an emulator on a PC – in a window while other applications ran in the background!
Thank you Hannu for doing a great job!

2 thoughts on “C64 emulator for the Nokia 7650 is out!

  1. Hi,
    Hope you have nice time with Frodo!
    To get demos to work better you could edit the settings in the frodo.fpr file. E.g. enabling “1541emulation” would make it more compatible with turbo loaders. Cycles can also affect to demos. I suggest to study original Frodo documentation to get info about settings in Frodo.fpr.


  2. Where’s the C64 emulator for GBA? Or how about Nextel/Boost? GBA uses an ARM processor, and the phones run Sun JAVA!? What’s up?

    Please writers!

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