Panoramic Photos of Ireland

Here are a few shots from around Cork and Kerry which I have stitched together using Autostitch.
Click on any image for a larger version although the larger images have been saved at low quality setting to save on file space and bandwidth.

Cork City

Baile Na nGall

Field Near Youghal

7 thoughts on “Panoramic Photos of Ireland

  1. The first two are made from about 10 or 12 images, but the last one only uses 3 or 4.
    I took an exposure reading with my camera at one end of the image, flipped to manual and set the same exposure before shooting. That works really well, and autostitch does a great job!

  2. nice work, nice stitch-and-blend ! Have a look at my panoramas. Some were done “manually”, some by actually cutting prints, but I used PTmac and HuginOSX for the most recent. One small advice for the photos as you posted them : I’d opt for smaller size and less jpeg compression. All the best !

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