three 15 year olds have done 27 of these already…

 = Done

1. Have a really stupid accident which necessitates a hospital visit
2. Shoot something 
3. Take a weekend break more than 1000 miles from home
4. Boot Linux on your home PC
5. Get lost in a country where you don’t speak the language 
6. Spend more than your monthly income on a pocket sized gadget 
7. Post bail for a friend
8. Break a really large plate glass window 
9. Make a parachute jump on a hangover
10. Use a whole roll of gaffa tape in one day 
11. Make a pointless modification to your house 
12. Neck a pint of peppermint oil
13. Pull a shemale by mistake (but realise in time…)
14. Buy a samurai sword 
15. Delay paying a bill until the summons arrives
16. Destroy a speed camera
17. Refill an inkjet cartridge 
18. Say something obscene on national television
19. Do a J turn in order to beat somebody to a parking space
20. Break a sledgehammer 
21. Make a bomb 
22. Smash a CRT 
23. Require medical treatment as a consequence of kinky sex gone wrong (STDs don’t count.)
24. Tip a waiter with something other than money
25. Light a fire with petrol 
26. Kidnap someone
27. Park inside a motorway service station 
28. Own a convertible.
29. Live abroad.
30. Drive at more than 140mph. 
31. Get something for free through a masterpiece of complaining
32. Give yourself a mains electric shock. 
33. Completely dismantle an object larger than yourself
34. Write off a car
35. Fall asleep and get really hilarious sunburn 
36. Get drunk on Absinthe 
37. Stay up all night listening to a girl having an emotional crisis
38. Lick the terminals of a 9 volt battery 
39. Take part in motorsport
40. Stay at the office for more than 24 hours
41. Set off a fire extinguisher 
42. Drive at least 600 miles in a day on two lane roads 
43. Hotwire a car
44. Watch all the Monty Python films In one sitting 
45. Shag an ex-girlfriend by mistake
46. Dial 999 
47. Commit a faux pas which means that a friend will never speak to you again 
48. Make a bet you couldn’t afford to lose 
49. Read a 500 page book in one sitting 
50. Escape a perfectly justified parking ticket.