82 thoughts on “50 things to do before you're 30

  1. free yor self from rational thought and comtemplate:

    if there is an afterlife it could not only be for humans after all we are all animals. So it would have to have every animal that has ever been and will be in it. it would make more sense that when you die that is the end. no life no nothing.it makes sense that man would create somthing to look forward to when they die not just nothing, this beeing God.. im not very good at religions. It has happened through out history with every major civilization creating some sort of God.

  2. laugh untill your sides hurt
    have milk come out of your nose on purpose
    help a person
    dont get any parking tickets for 6 months in a row
    eat so much that u feel like u r going to explode
    fast for 7 days
    go to church
    play hide and seek atleast 87 times and atleast 4 times with someone over 18
    make a tun of mistakes
    visit an old friend
    write and publish a poem

    ( i wonder if u can tell that i’m only a kid)

  3. hav a laugh with you mates and laugh your self stupied then ………….. i dono i not that far with me life yet

  4. Visit all 50 states, travel to a foreign country, sky dive, fall in love, have a child, train and race in a triathlon, learn to ballroom dance, learn a 2nd language… the list goes on 🙂 hehe

  5. um well before you are 30…you should empty the contents of a bean bag on the floor and roll around on them. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE PEEPS!!

  6. Love the one about talking to your elbow, goes well with growling at it and biting it, all of course in a public place!!!

  7. Dress in lingerie, go out on aroof, and watch the faces of people around you.

    and…. laugh at drunk people

  8. visit this webby
    smeel 8 differents peoples socks at the same time
    eat a blok of cheese
    drink tomato ketchup
    eat vinegar
    go into town and act like a wild dog!
    i’m 14 lol

  9. done all of these except for num 10,

    1.)fucking go to the convinent store and tell the guy at the counter that dot on his head looks like a camera
    2.)kill somrone
    3.)get madd fucked up on alot of drugs
    4.)walk around the mall naked wit a finger in ur ass
    5.)drive over 150mph
    6.)buy a doggy and train it to lick ur girlfriends vag
    7.)crash on ur bike going over 40mph
    8.)fall in love
    9.)go on a vacation with a bunch of friends and have the time of ur life
    10.)travel around the country and bang a girl in every diff state
    11.)grab a random persons ass in the mall
    12.)yellin a random persons ear as they walk by you in the mall
    13.)buy some bling and some gear
    14.)get laid
    15.)buy some subs for ur car
    16.)smoke a blunt wit cocaine in it
    17.)take every single pill in the medicine cabinit, take 3 shotts of every alchol in the house and go to bed hopin u dont wake up
    18.)beat the fuck outta ppl wit a hatchet lol madd funn

  10. i have done all those pluss jump off a roof while trippin of acid and im only 17 lol hahahaha im madd fucked up

    1. zac you realy have a lot of growing up to do. you sound like a 13 yo trapped inside a 17 yo’s body and there you will stay till you stop taking drugs. i dont beleave you done any of them things you say you did. most of all no.2 and no.18.

  11. Ok so this is REALLY trippy… get stoned with some good weed, get a strobe light and a blowup matress with an automatic pump. Lay on the already blown up matress with the strobe light on, let all the air out and experience the magic. Then if your pump is strong enough, while laying on the bed fill it back up. Trust me, this shit is fun! (make sure its really dark so the strobe light works well)

  12. yea……u guys r sickos, i dunno y i even looked at this site cuz now im scared of life!

  13. get fucked for hours none stop lol
    eat as much as u can
    spend loads of money and dnt give a shit!!!

  14. I’m already over 30 (just a little!!) So I don’t have to do any of these things, ha!! I’ve done worse though.

  15. Dude wtf is wrong with u ppl.
    Train a dog to lick ur gf’s vag? Ew.
    Why would a girl want a DOG to lick that. I dont even want a GUY to do that. I pee from down there!
    Gross. What a sicko. I hope ur girlfriend beats the fuck outta u wit a hatchet. Jerk.


  16. you r a load of muck do you understand what ur saying who would want a dog to lick bits thats so sad and pervy write back if you agree

  17. you load of muck you are silly and disgusting and pervs this is a one way site OMG!!!! who the hell would want a dog licking there bits that is unbelievable you are perthetic and aload of fuckers and bull shit xxx

  18. take a whole bunch of cordicedian cough & cold pills, turn on some techno, relax close your eyes and experience infinity in your hand!

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