Mortgage vs Rent

Zimran has an interesting but brief analysis of the housing market in Boston. The linked article has more, including this nugget:

… shortly after 2010, housing prices in most currently hot markets are going to fall off a cliff, as boomers downsize.

I don’t expect that to happen here in Ireland at least. Has it happened already? What about the boomers of the 60s here in Ireland? They’re all living in bigger houses now!

One thought on “Mortgage vs Rent

  1. If you can; buy your own house. Why pay anybody to live in theirs. You get a tax break and, hopefully, someday equity.

    I own rentals and in all but rare instances, the tennants pay my mortgage and I get the equity. Don’t I sound like a evil person.

    (O.K. I treat my tennants good.)

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