82 thoughts on “50 things to do before you're 30

  1. Why are people posting stupid replies? There all like get laid. The point of this is to make a list that actually means something. Not to be sick.

    Id say
    1. Kiss someone at the top of a farris wheel.
    2. Sell ice to an Eskimo
    3. Visit New York, New York.
    4. Play stip poker on the beach.
    5. Go skinny dipping in the pacific ocean.
    6.Visit the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania.
    7. Swim under a waterfall.

    1. i’ve already done 3 of those things and im 13 years old 😛 i guess on that list i only have 4 more things to do in the next 17 years….. off to the chocolate factory :D….yum….

  2. 8. Take a speed sign that does not end in a 0 or a 5 home.

    9. Set a rediculus world record

    10. Go swimming with dolphins

    11. Build a home on a lake or a river for your permenent home stead.

    12. Raise a wild animal for birth and domesticate it.

    13. Travel far off and help the needy.

    14. Travel to Mexico and attempt sneaking across the border

    15. Fashion a machette out of a steel rod

    16. Rebuild an old car

    17. Join the mile high club

  3. 1.Go to New Zealand!
    2. Get with Rebecca Croft
    3. Have a fit.
    4. Box out a car with some Mexican tripping weed. And speed down your main street. rOLL YOR WINDOWS DOWN AND PUMP YOUR SYSTEM UP!!!
    5.Ran out of ideas so shout out to rebecca!!

    I see yo hahahahaha

  4. 1.eat 3 buisciuts and skull them down with orange juice
    2. dance like a mexican in the main street
    3.have a real done up sports car and lap the streets listening to a classical peice of music
    4.shoot a dead duck with a 12 guage
    5. buy 13 light bulbs then try to sell them at McDonalds
    6.ring random numbers pretending to be a telemarketer, try to adopt their children.

    yes yes you have to try these.. you will feel like you have achieved somethign in life by doing these simple steps.

  5. 1go parachuting
    2 jack a car and steal the hudcubs
    3 go to mexico
    4 no forget number 3 go on a trip all around the world like around the world in 30 days but longer
    5 get a kangeroo as a pet
    6 own a buissness
    7 do about a hundred pratical jokes
    8 rob a bank
    9 get and quit 20 jobs
    10 dont let the past catch up wit u

  6. yea, u guys could do better, like try to eat a cloud,always wanted to do that. or u could destroy property and blame it on ur enemy… get high, when ur mom ask why are ur eyes red say, “this ones got something in it, and idk whats wrong with this one.”

  7. stare at people thru points of a fork and pretend theyre in jail. haha, im only 14. well.. nearly.

    and by the way,
    im english?

  8. 1. Swim with a Dolphin
    2. Visit New York
    3. Take a Skiing Trip
    4. Skydive
    5. Be in an audience of a tv show
    6. Learn to drive
    7. Visit Las Vegas
    8. Meet your favorite Celeb
    9. Visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World
    10. Set up a Social Network Profile ie. Facebook, Myspace, Bebo
    11. Learn a Language
    12. Get to your ideal weight
    13. Learn to play an instrument
    14. Stand at the North or South Pole
    15. Have your Protrait painted
    16. Learn to rollerblade/ice stake
    17. Take a year off
    18. Take a world trip
    19. Send a message in a bottle/balloon
    20. Make a family tree
    21. Ride an animal bigger than a horse ie. camel, elephant
    22. Write a fan letter to your hero
    23. Get your photo/letter/etc. published in a newspaper/magazine/website
    24. Spend the New Year in an exotic location
    25. Travel first class once
    26. Take an helicopter ride
    27. Go to a concert in another country
    28. Give up something that you love for a week
    29. Make friends with a stranger
    30. Create your own website
    31. Visit a historic place eg. Pompeii
    32. Go a signing
    33. Go to a Musical

  9. Try fly fishing-not easy for the first few months-but you do get to nature and leave her in doors at home-with luck you arrive home with a Trout-how cool is that

  10. 1.sit on your ass at home bored reading these things
    2.do at least two of them in the next week
    3.eat your own cum
    4.jump off a cliff
    5.run around the block spanking cars with your pants down
    6.eat an entire tub of cool whip
    7.watch a rolly polly drowned in the toilet(creepy but actually really funny)
    8.cross dress for a day
    9.fuck a celebrity
    10.dance in the rain like a mad man
    11.give a random person a titty twister
    12.punch an annoying person in the face and feel good about it
    13.eat shit and have a nice day 🙂

  11. fall in love
    have fun
    visit an amuesment park
    swim in the ocean
    visit a zoo
    see new york city in the winter

  12. ya rabbeca i do want war oh and uh freez yourself the day before your bday then unfreeze in like 1 million years so you will never be thirty till the world is run by robots

  13. Go and live on an Kenyan coffee plantation for a month. See if you survive. I did. The Mungiki gangs were nearer Nairobi. The dwelling I stayed in rose in value because I (a Mzungu) had stayed there. They presumed, wrongly that I had high standards!

  14. 1. go skinny dipping
    2. host a dinner party
    3. send a message in a bottle
    4. road trip with friends/camping under the stars
    5. take a dance class
    6. have sexy in broad daylight in a public place
    7. drive around town naked
    8. steel someone’s phone and make random calls
    9. throw a hotel party
    10. go bungy jumping

    We are only 18 and want to accomplish these before`20!!!!

  15. ive always wanted to be in two places at once, it sounds crazy. but one day, im goin to actually be in two places at once.

  16. Can please ppl write something cause i’m bored
    Good luck to anyone getting dar jr cert resluts
    you should write at least one comment a day
    does anyone live near fermoy or go to school in colaiste because i might know u
    does anyone comment anymore
    still waiting for gossip
    going now will check in tommorow (I need gossip)

  17. How about . . . teach all the people who post things on this forum how to spell and use punctuation?


  18. 1. Get a job
    2. Travel to all the states of usa
    3. Get married
    4 Go to a kids parade, and act pissed, and hug all the people dressed up
    5. Do karoake in front of everyone you know

  19. 1)vist las vegas
    2) go to new york
    3) get to the weight you want
    4) learn an instrument
    5) learn 2 languages (not inc. english)
    6) fall in love
    7) get married
    8) get a good job that you enjoy
    9) learn to drive and buy a nice car
    10) buy a house in your dream location
    11) get your picture in a magazine/news paper/ website/ advert
    12) meet a celeb or someone well known
    13) meet a royal
    ……goes on and on

  20. three 15 year olds have done 27 of these already…

     = Done

    1. Have a really stupid accident which necessitates a hospital visit
    2. Shoot something 
    3. Take a weekend break more than 1000 miles from home
    4. Boot Linux on your home PC
    5. Get lost in a country where you don’t speak the language 
    6. Spend more than your monthly income on a pocket sized gadget 
    7. Post bail for a friend
    8. Break a really large plate glass window 
    9. Make a parachute jump on a hangover
    10. Use a whole roll of gaffa tape in one day 
    11. Make a pointless modification to your house 
    12. Neck a pint of peppermint oil
    13. Pull a shemale by mistake (but realise in time…)
    14. Buy a samurai sword 
    15. Delay paying a bill until the summons arrives
    16. Destroy a speed camera
    17. Refill an inkjet cartridge 
    18. Say something obscene on national television
    19. Do a J turn in order to beat somebody to a parking space
    20. Break a sledgehammer 
    21. Make a bomb 
    22. Smash a CRT 
    23. Require medical treatment as a consequence of kinky sex gone wrong (STDs don’t count.)
    24. Tip a waiter with something other than money
    25. Light a fire with petrol 
    26. Kidnap someone
    27. Park inside a motorway service station 
    28. Own a convertible.
    29. Live abroad.
    30. Drive at more than 140mph. 
    31. Get something for free through a masterpiece of complaining
    32. Give yourself a mains electric shock. 
    33. Completely dismantle an object larger than yourself
    34. Write off a car
    35. Fall asleep and get really hilarious sunburn 
    36. Get drunk on Absinthe 
    37. Stay up all night listening to a girl having an emotional crisis
    38. Lick the terminals of a 9 volt battery 
    39. Take part in motorsport
    40. Stay at the office for more than 24 hours
    41. Set off a fire extinguisher 
    42. Drive at least 600 miles in a day on two lane roads 
    43. Hotwire a car
    44. Watch all the Monty Python films In one sitting 
    45. Shag an ex-girlfriend by mistake
    46. Dial 999 
    47. Commit a faux pas which means that a friend will never speak to you again 
    48. Make a bet you couldn’t afford to lose 
    49. Read a 500 page book in one sitting 
    50. Escape a perfectly justified parking ticket.

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