WordPress guy, meet Microsoft guy

Jacinta and I met Tom Raftery, Robert and Maryam Scoble this wet and cold morning to do the tourist thing in Blarney! Robert and Maryam were really unlucky with the weather today but that didn’t dampen their mood!
Want to see a picture? I’ve posted a photo of us after coming down from the castle.

Everyone is in good health and the narrow steps of the castle failed to deter us from getting to the top! Robert, Tom and Maryam all kissed the Blarney Stone so as they have now been given the gift of the gab, expect a lot more to be said by them!

8 thoughts on “WordPress guy, meet Microsoft guy

  1. Donncha, I’m posting this here because I can’t find an email link… (Sorry!) I updated my links on my blog to your new site, thinking this one had gone dead (argh!). I also find that your new site claims to support an RSS feed, but I can’t find the url for it, and neither can bloglines.com… An assist please? I’ll buy you a platter of whitebait!

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