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Conference Hijacked by French Politics

It hasn’t been a good time for the organisers of Le Web 3 in Paris, France. First of all their WiFi was down or sketchy and while that’s simply an annoyance and is a terrible reflection on the WiFi provider surely things couldn’t get worse?

They did. In place of the advertised speakers, two French presidential candidates spoke. Wasn’t this conference supposed to be about web technology? I can’t wait to see what they do next! How will they better today’s fiasco? I would certainly be looking for a refund, especially if I had travelled from abroad.

Worse than that, at a conference where the majority of the delegates were not French, the two political candidates addressed the audience in French (and Sarkozy didn’t even take questions).

Humour When-in-Ireland

Oú est la centre de George Pompideu?

Éole’s photo reminded me of what Zig and Zag used to ask: Oú est la centre de George Pompideu?
It’s strange that there’s so little online about it!
Thankfully their other quotes are still making the rounds!