Respect the PC Gamers


It’s a well known fact that console gamers are scrubs, they’re abusive and unhelpful and rude. They’ll cheat and hack their consoles given half a chance. Isn’t that right?

PC gamers on the other hand are enthusiastic and helpful. They’re mature and civil about their communities. They delight in the strategy and skill required to use a mouse and keyboard. They never call anyone names and accept games as they are, because nobody ever does anything underhand. Isn’t that right?

Oh yes. Gamers everywhere are all the same. No matter what platform they use.


Go grab the Indie Variety Pack if…

Go grab the “Indie Variety Pack” if you haven’t already from Steam, there’s a sale on it right now until Monday.

So far my favourite game is Swords and Soldiers HD, Capsized is beautiful, A.R.E.S is ok but fiddly with the keyboard, Atom Zombie Smasher has potential but I only played a few minutes of it and I already had Machinarium (liked it but not enough patience to keep clicking on every single object in the screen to work out some puzzles).

I love the 60’s Batman type intermission in Swords and Soldiers HD. Lots of nice touches in that game.

PS3 support appears in Steam

This is cool. Support for PSN has appeared in the latest Steam update. If you logout, next time you login you’ll see a dialog like the one above with an option for “Playstation Network Players”. If you click the “FIRST TIME SIGNING IN” button you’re brought to a page asking you if you have played the PS3 version of Portal 2, and if you have you can login using your PSN credentials.

If you have already played Portal 2 on PlayStation®3, you can sign in using your PlayStation®Network login.

Once you have signed in, you’ll find your profile on the Steam community includes information about what you have been doing in Portal 2. You’ll also be able to play your copy of Portal 2 on your computer by redeeming the code provided in your PS3® Portal 2 box.


WTF is Dino D-Day?

I played Dino D-Day and I was slightly less than impressed. At the time (during the beta) there were only a couple of servers and only myself and another player between all of them. The Cynical Brit has plenty to say about it too however, hardly any of it good. (via)

Mafia II is 75% off

Mafia II is 75% off on Steam right now. I’ve played about 2 hours of the game and it’s an enjoyable sandbox world very like Grand Theft Auto IV, but set in the 1940’s.

Just be aware that you might be paying over the odds by as much as 48%, depending on where you live. Ask a US friend to gift it for you if you can!

Steam games on the cheap

The wonderful thing about PC games is the competition among online retailers and the lower than console prices charged for most games. While Xbox Live now has older full price games for download they’re usually given a premium price too. Steam and the other online PC game stores regularly have sales where even big name games are offered at a discount.

Here are a few links for keeping track of what sales are going on plus price comparison sites:

  • First up is where you can compare the prices of most games in Euro, Sterling and US Dollars. What becomes obvious is that people paying in Euros are over charged more often than not. Boo!
  • and are great for tracking what’s on sale on Steam and other online stores. You can subscribe to both in your RSS reader but the former being better because you can limit it to regional sales.
  • The Big Download Blog is a great resource too, listing the bigger sales in the main stores and elsewhere. Worth subbing to that too.
  • Finally, there are online stores where you can buy CD keys cheaply. These stores buy the keys in less expensive regions and then allow people in richer areas to buy these legitimate keys at knock down prices. Here’s a thread on about them. I haven’t tried them and responses are mixed. Buyer Beware!

Oh, if you know someone in another region served by Steam and the prices there are cheaper you could ask them to buy games for you and then pay them via PayPal for the gift. Thanks Alex, I owe you a few drinks next time we meet! 🙂

Lead and Gold free this weekend

Yes well, I’d rather have some free gold but this budget shooter, Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is free to play all weekend on PC. Fire up your Steam client and the game will download when you click the link in the news page. Or so I presume it will as I haven’t tried it yet. The game is also 75% off which is a pretty good deal.

Links: metacritic page (70%) and game forum.

So who’s up for some wild west shooting?