Go grab the Indie Variety Pack if…

Go grab the “Indie Variety Pack” if you haven’t already from Steam, there’s a sale on it right now until Monday.

So far my favourite game is Swords and Soldiers HD, Capsized is beautiful, A.R.E.S is ok but fiddly with the keyboard, Atom Zombie Smasher has potential but I only played a few minutes of it and I already had Machinarium (liked it but not enough patience to keep clicking on every single object in the screen to work out some puzzles).

I love the 60’s Batman type intermission in Swords and Soldiers HD. Lots of nice touches in that game.


I just paid $40 for the Humble Indie Bun…

I just paid $40 for the Humble Indie Bundle. Half of the payment goes to charity and the rest to the developers. I already have World of Goo but I’ll be downloading the other games for Mac and Linux.

The awful thing is you could buy the bundle for $0.01 but people still steal the games and pay nothing! The mind boggles. (via)


Here’s a related article on the state of Linux and Mac gaming. I’m one of those gamers! 🙂

However, they haven’t yet taken the next step: once you’ve made a Mac version, indie games show that Linux users represent an additional 6% effective market share. Once you’ve created a Mac port and divorced your code from DirectX and other Windows dependencies, it’s not that difficult to port to Linux.