Stephen Hawking on Star Trek

Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton played poker with Data on Star Trek TNG. This BBC documentary on the life of Professor Stephen Hawking is well worth a listen. RIP.


Solving the mysterious light in Blarney

Back in 2013 local school children created a “flash mob” and danced in the village square in Blarney. Local photographer Pat Falvey was on hand to capture the scene on video. Near the start of the video he noticed a flash of light coming from a woman on the right […]

Humour , Movies , Music

Star trekkin' across the universe

Star Trekkin’ by The Firm I can’t believe this song is 20 years old! My parents bought the original album on tape and we listened to it over and over. The other songs on the tape were more boring to my 11 year old ears but I remember they grew […]

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