David’s Stats Rant

Worth watching when you come out of yet another game with a negative KDR because you’ve been rushing and rushing and playing for the objective. I’ll always be happy when my KDR approaches 1 after a game but this is Bad Company 2. Your win/loss ratio is a lot more important in my opinion (and mine is a healthy 1.45 or so!) If you really want to massage your KDR, just go use an aimbot.

Read his post too. I can’t imagine how frustrating that game must have been for him and the guys.

Say Hi to Colin on PS3!

It’s public now. DCRU Colin has a Playstation 3! Cards posted a video yesterday announcing the news. I had a few games with them the other night but it went on until about 2am so I unfortunately won’t be doing that too often. Great guys to play with though.

The utterly fantastic intro on the commentary above was created by David and edited by Colin. Very nice work I’m sure you’ll agree!

PS. I wondered if anyone had noticed Colin playing in this game posted by David, and he was noticed but kept quiet about it. Best kept secret?


Hehe, Dave has some fun with a recon guy in a recent game of Bad Company 2.