David’s Stats Rant

Worth watching when you come out of yet another game with a negative KDR because you’ve been rushing and rushing and playing for the objective. I’ll always be happy when my KDR approaches 1 after a game but this is Bad Company 2. Your win/loss ratio is a lot more important in my opinion (and mine is a healthy 1.45 or so!) If you really want to massage your KDR, just go use an aimbot.

Read his post too. I can’t imagine how frustrating that game must have been for him and the guys.

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One thing to consider is how do I fix this situation? The answer is to play with more people on you friends list. Getting 6-8 players on the same team fixes any problems about what the smurfs are doing.

It is more fun to play when you can trust your teammates.


I get that. I tend to join a game with a full squad, then when I’m in game, I’ll invite more guys into a new squad and rejoin my old squad to get a big team going. We may not all be talking but we’re all on the same team.

We can usually run with about 6-10 people that way during the prime hours for my friends. You can add me on PSN: gt7570b

I usually run around with guys from, GLS, and a few other old regulars.


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