Say Hi to Colin on PS3!

It’s public now. DCRU Colin has a Playstation 3! Cards posted a video yesterday announcing the news. I had a few games with them the other night but it went on until about 2am so I unfortunately won’t be doing that too often. Great guys to play with though.

The utterly fantastic intro on the commentary above was created by David and edited by Colin. Very nice work I’m sure you’ll agree!

PS. I wondered if anyone had noticed Colin playing in this game posted by David, and he was noticed but kept quiet about it. Best kept secret?

0 thoughts on “Say Hi to Colin on PS3!

  1. Erm, as awesome as I so obviously am 😉 the only thing I did for the intro was capture the bit at the end where they shoot at me/the camera. It was all Colin other than that.

    A couple of people posted comments on my vid related to Colin, one was hushed, but I had to delete the other as it said “since when is DCRU Colin on PS3?”….

    1. And your awesomeness cannot be underestimated! I forgot to mention the outro but that was excellent too. A nice welcome for Colin to the PS3 community! 🙂

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