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    1. I think there’s a knack to these sorts of games. Of the screens I was able to figure out I made connections between say the blue hat of the guy protecting the drawbridge and the cones on the ground. But when I wore the red/white cone on the robot’s head I was stumped. It was pure luck that I clicked again on the rest of the cones and found the blue paint underneath.

      After that I gave up and went looking for a walkthrough. The game is so pretty that I may even play it again, with one eye on that walkthrough!

  1. You know, there’s basically no need for you to use an external tutorial.
    Machinarium has a built-in one from what I remember while playing it. It’s in the form of a simple arcade game that, if you beat it, gives you a complete walkthrough clue for what you need to do next (with respect to the location that you are in). And from then on making a walkthrough is as simple as beating the arcade mini game each time you’re stuck and copying and pasting the walkthrough image shown afterwards in a graphics editor and saving it for later use (and referring to the images when you need them). That’s basically all it takes to beat the game (apart from a love of minimalism and painting/sketch-like visual design). 😉

    Enjoy the game, it is indeed one of the true gems of contemporary indie games, not to mention of adventure/quest games, which have always been few and far in between for years now (although the tide seems to be shifting in recent times).

    1. Ah, so that’s what that little book in the corner was. I wondered what it was when I saw this little monochrome game.

      I agree with you about the game though, it’s a wonderful experience, even for those of us who have to resort to getting help all the time!

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