Darwinia’s Spectrum Roots

I bought Darwinia as part of a recent Humble Bundle. In fact it was really the only reason I bought it as I enjoyed Multiwinia and heard that the original game was great too, and it is!

Anyway, here’s an intro that greets you when you start the game. It’s only one of a number of different ones but it’s my favourite. Took me right back to my Speccy owning days in the late 80’s!

Oh, go get the Introversion bundle, well worth the asking price (whatever you decide to pay!)

Quite enjoying Multiwinia fun little game

Quite enjoying Multiwinia, fun little game. I’m playing it on Easy difficulty, but even on that I lost a game or two.

The “advanced topics” tutorial could be a little clearer. It’s easy to miss the “You must do this next to go on to the next step” banners. I spent a good 10 minutes attacking yellow on their island, defeated them, and suddenly they were firing salvo upon salvo of comets and airstrikes. When you follow the instructions it’s much simpler!

Saying that, it’s wonderful seeing your little armies advance upon the enemy and the pow-pow of laser fire mingled with the screams and shouts of the little stick men if you zoom in close is engaging. Fly up high and all you’ll hear is the lonely wind blowing. Up close is where the action is.