Rocking BfBC2 on PC

Well, we sorta rocked Bad Company 2 on PC tonight. I’ve only ever played the game in short bursts because of my frustration with the keyboard controls but tonight I invested almost 3 hours in the game, the longest single session on the PC. I hooked up with TyeWebb and while I never rarely walked away with a positive KDR we played well. Not so bad when I don’t even have magnum ammo unlocked yet. *sob*

Hell, Tye and myself were the top two players on our team! Take that elitist PC snobs! The console players did well! 😉

Of course, special mention must go to iKiltNOOBS, the level 50 who equipped explosive damage and fired 40mm grenades at random near contested flags. Way to go.

6 thoughts on “Rocking BfBC2 on PC

  1. If only I had a PC that could handle games… My simple laptop is older than my PS3. If I were to get a Mac laptop, how do you think that would run with games like BC2 or BF3? They just look so nice on the PCs. Might be better off with a desktop than a laptop, eh? Maybe, something I can ask for my birthday.

    1. You’re better off getting a cheaper desktop PC with a decent HD and CPU than a Mac. There’s a price premium on those that make them less than ideal as games machines.

      I’m half thinking I’ll have to build a decent PC for when BF3 comes out, although I probably won’t! Not made of money (and if anyone is reading this who has ooohh, about 1000 Euro spare, I’ll happily take it off your hands!)

    2. Rather than buying a Mac Pro or iMac and paying the premium this is what I did and dual boot OSX for most everything and windows boot for games. Maybe something to consider, you can end up with a nice gaming PC and pretty much a Mac Pro all in one for a reasonable price. Just don’t buy a new Fermi card from nvidia like I did, they have issues on the mac side at the moment.

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