Hot Digity I did well in BC2 Vietnam…

Hot Digity! I did well in BC2 Vietnam this evening, and on PC too!

In my first game got a quad spray through the walls of a hut, and then tore apart the other team in a tank. I led the leaderboard with a 11/4 KDR. Could not believe it. I swear, some players should practise flying helicopters more. They practically line themselves up to be shot out of the sky with a tank shell..

Very enjoyable 45 minutes of play and I’m level 6 now!

In case you’re wondering, my consoles have been disconnected because of home renovation. No Xbox or PS3 for me for maybe another week. 🙁

11 thoughts on “Hot Digity I did well in BC2 Vietnam…

    1. Thank you. Wish I had the CPU power to record it. I got a triple kill bringing down that heli and 330 points. WTH, I did that?

      ‘Course I wish people used team chat, it seems to be completely non existent. When I played with Tye we used Skype to chat.

  1. Next step for you is to go all MLG 1337 pro on us.

    Seriously, I’m a bit apprehensive about the PC gaming venture. Spawn/death is coming for me soon.

    1. Haha, not likely. I’m still so clumsy with the keyboard I press E when I mean to spot and jump out of fast moving cars, and press E when I mean to press W. And then I wonder why I’m not running forward…

      You’re getting on PC too? Great stuff! Getting used to the keyboard and mouse (again?) will do your head in but the biggest difference between consoles and even running it on all low settings like I do is the graphics. They’re gorgeous. You’ll still get good and bad players, just like on consoles 🙂

      1. Grrr, the crap no brand (but quite comfortable otherwise) mouse I have reports a rate of 83Hz which apparently is very slow and adds 8ms of lag. I may just try overclocking my USB port to improve that.

    1. Conquest, seems to be more popular than rush on PC from what I can see. Played tonight with Tye and got slaughtered in every game. I blame that mouse… 😉

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