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Fun Lovin' Criminals Play Cork

Fun Lovin’ Criminals will play in the Savoy, Patrick St. Cork on the 7th September.


Panoramic Photos of Ireland

Here are a few shots from around Cork and Kerry which I have stitched together using Autostitch.
Click on any image for a larger version although the larger images have been saved at low quality setting to save on file space and bandwidth.

Cork City

Baile Na nGall

Field Near Youghal


Ballycotton on a Sunday

We took a trip down to Ballycotton this evening and met some friends down there for a leisurely walk. Here’s a few photos from the excursion:


Tall Ship Danmark in Cork, Part 2

I met Mark Twomey and AJ last night to take shots of the Danmark again. She sails tomorrow at 10am so I might pop into town for half an hour and record her departure if I find the time.


Cork & Danmark

I was in town this morning, and spotted sailors walking around in dress uniform. They were from the Danmark, which is currently docked in Cork Harbour. Here are some shots of Cork, and this beautiful tall ship!

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Music Photos

Cobh Peoples Regatta, 2005: part 2

Following on from the fireworks in Cobh and my look around the Jeanie Johnston, here’s some photos of the late-night concert that took place in Cobh town center.
The crowd went a little mad dancing and singing along to this crazy looking band! Anyone know who they are? More photos after the jump..

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Cobh Peoples Regatta, 2005

It’s been a busy weekend. I went down to Cobh tonight to see the firewords and capture the mood of the people in photos.. Everyone was in great form and the fireworks were a great end to the Regatta.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series of shots. Part 2 comes tomorrow and will have pictures from inside the Jeanie Johnston (Thanks Donogh and Ronan!) and shots of the band that played the night away…
Ryan was there too, and he has some stunning shots of the fireworks and the fairground!

Update! This blog was mentioned on Red FM a few minutes ago! I emailed them but didn’t honestly expect to hear anything back! Great!

Click this image for more photos!

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All Around Cork In August

I met up with AJ on Saturday afternoon and spent 2 hours looking around and taking photos!

Click this image for more photos.

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Photos When-in-Ireland

Donoughmore Vintage Festival, July 31st, 2005

The village of Donoughmore in Co. Cork played host to a vintage festival on Sunday that attracted people from all over Munster. Apart from the vintage vehicles there were plenty of other activities. Here’s a taster of what it was like.. Click the picture for more.

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Random Images

I still don’t have a working camera but I do have a camera phone..

The C64 disk drive was called the 1541. When I saw this car in front of me I had to snap it!

The recent Sudan Red 1 scare made many more people aware of how our food stuffs are made from ingredients from all over the world! This was a sign outside Tesco in Douglas, Cork.