Check the voting register before December 9th

Check the Register The deadline to check if you’re on the voting register has been extended to December 9th so if you haven’t checked, you have a few more days to do so. Type your name and address into the form on to find out if you’re one of the 300,000 voters knocked off the list! This is especially important if nobody has called to your house with a voting form. Even though you may have been on the register for years, some councils have been overly enthusiastic about deleting voters.

It’s a little fiddly doing the check, but not too painful. When you visit the site above you’ll have to click through to the council managing your area. I checked the Cork County Council site and had to click another link which opens a new maximized window with the form. On a large wide screen that looks really silly! All it needs is 600 pixels.

4 thoughts on “Check the voting register before December 9th

  1. Tell us again: why would we want to be on the voting register? It can’t be about voting for politicians, since even the best of them are still politicians i.e. power-hungry lawyers or car salesmen.

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