Cork Cinema Listings

Every time I want to go to the cinema I search for Cork Cinema and generally end up in the same sites looking up titles and times. If I’m feeling tired and don’t want to go into town, then there’s always the Reel Cinema in Blackpool to find. Enough is enough, for future referene here’s a few cinema related links Cork people will appreciate:

  • The Kino Cinema – because we all like arthouse cinema once in a while. Pah! Commercial considerations? This is art! It is great that you can bring a cup of tea or coffee into the cinema though.
  • The Whazon? cinema listing has links to all cinemas around the city should you wish to go to the Gate, Mahon Point, Douglas, Ballincollig or elsewhere.
  • has a page on The Reel Picture Blackpool. That’s where we go most often because it’s the closest. Not a bad cinema either.

What will we see tonight? I think it’ll be Borat. It’s quite probably over-hyped, and I’m not expecting anything but the usual silliness that Sacha Baron Cohen excells at.

3 thoughts on “Cork Cinema Listings

  1. Have you gone outside tonight? It’s freezing! I took Oscar for a short walk and hurried back to warm my toes before frost bite set in. Not going anywhere tonight! Borat will have to wait! brrrr

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