My home from space

If I were in the house buying market it just got a little easier to spy on the neighbours of your possible new home. My added a satellite mapping service to their site which allows one to zoom in closer than other online maps, although I don’t think you’ll be watching anyone skinny-dipping..

It’s not quite as smooth as Google or Yahoo’s offering. You have to click the direction arrows instead of dragging the map but it’s not bad for scouting around.

Finally, my map on Useamap links to a spot in Blarney a few hundred meters down the road from where I now sit. They offer driving directions and distances just by clicking on your destination on the map. It’s not perfect. It likes the main road to Cork a little too much, but I guess if you didn’t know an area it’s probably better to stay off the side roads eh?



Google Maps

5 thoughts on “My home from space

  1. Hi Donncha,

    I had a quick look on, I cant see how to access this feature. Can you remember where you came aross it?


  2. I live in United States, in Durham,North Carolina, and is there anyone who can track via satellite who killed my cat if I give the highway and my neighborhood address? I will pay 5 thousand dollars if I can prove he was murdered before being dumped on highway, Oct 31, Halloween, 2008, eastern standard time between 12 pm and 8 pm My email is _________@, I left spaces so you could see it, i will capitalize the email also, _________@YAHOO.COM, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, IF I CAN GET A SATELLITE VIEW OF WHO KILLED MY CAT, ON HALLOWEEN, I WILL PAY, AND GOOGLEMAPS AND THE OTHER SITES DONT SHOW MUCH, THANKS,

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