Off travelling again, 2016 edition

The Automattic Grand Meetup starts tomorrow so I’m in Cork Airport waiting for my flight to London.

The weird thing about timezones means I leave here in the morning and get to Vancouver in the morning. And it’s still the same day. That also means I need to stay awake so much longer. 

“Today” is going to be a long day. Zzzz.

Ireland Photos

Where has the Stars Wars Plane been?

Photo by: Donncha O Caoimh (

G-POWD, the Boeing 767 has been around Europe in the last few days. I’d like to think they were collecting the crew of the new Star Wars movie, like an international flying tour bus, but it’s probably just the normal flying patterns of a private company flying their Jumbo around the continent.


Ireland Web

TechLudd Cork 2008

Anton Mannering organised TechLudd Cork last night at the Cork International Airport Hotel. I demoed Tweet Tweet and answered questions about WordPress and some of the plugins I had running on my blog.

Apart from showing off Tweet Tweet I took a few photos too. Pictured below are only some of the people there including (in no particular order): Walter, Bernard Goldbach, Anton, Aileen, Gavin Harkness, James Galvin (who should tweet more about Tweetrush!), Walter Wynne, John Peavoy, Pat Phelan, Ashley Halsall, Robin Blandford and some crazy guy who calls himself Damien.

If you see yourself in one of the photos please leave a comment, and apologies for not getting your name on the night.

Yes, the lighting in the toilets in the Cork International Airport Hotel really do change colour.