TechLudd Cork 2008

Anton Mannering organised TechLudd Cork last night at the Cork International Airport Hotel. I demoed Tweet Tweet and answered questions about WordPress and some of the plugins I had running on my blog.

Apart from showing off Tweet Tweet I took a few photos too. Pictured below are only some of the people there including (in no particular order): Walter, Bernard Goldbach, Anton, Aileen, Gavin Harkness, James Galvin (who should tweet more about Tweetrush!), Walter Wynne, John Peavoy, Pat Phelan, Ashley Halsall, Robin Blandford and some crazy guy who calls himself Damien.

If you see yourself in one of the photos please leave a comment, and apologies for not getting your name on the night.

Yes, the lighting in the toilets in the Cork International Airport Hotel really do change colour.

18 thoughts on “TechLudd Cork 2008

  1. I just checked the originals. They’re 3892×2596 RAW files and these are 600×400, so the ratio is almost the same. 1.49922 vs 1.5

  2. Ah, that’s the wide angle. I was sitting next to him when I took that, and the lens distorts a bit at the edges. Unfortunately Bernie left before I started talking shots with my zoom lens so I included it anyway.

  3. Phew! My vision isn’t going then. Some great shots, I especially like the overhead shot of a few of us talking. Is that Obama looking down on us ?

  4. Cork Airport, home for the U.S Army, last time i was there it looked terrible, looks good now. Pity the flights in there were so damm expensive. Nice new theme, always good to get some new clothes 😉

  5. Jimmy – nice to hear from you again. Amazing how time flies! A few of the Tweetrush guys were there, and I’m already friends with AJ from the photography side of things. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it that night, or there’d be even more photos!

  6. Hi Donncha! I guess the wife of the creator of Techludd needs no introduction. lol. Thanks for taking such great pics. 😉

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