Burning rubbish poisons us

What would you do if your neighbour was burning rubbish in their fireplace and the smoke and ash from it was being blown into your house? That’s what I want to know in today’s post on

I really want to know what you would do. If it’s happened to you, did it have a happy ending?

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Life Before Death

Life Before Death

A series of powerful images, taken before and after the death of each subject. The images are striking, but what I found most moving and upseting were the stories that accompanied them. Some had accepted their fate while others rallied against it.

“Death is nothing,” says Maria. “I embrace death. It is not eternal. Afterwards, when we meet God, we become beautiful.” Maria Hai-Anh Tuyet Cao, 52

“Get me out of here”, she whispered as soon as anyone held her hand. “My heart will stop beating if I stay here. This is an emergency! I don’t want to die!” Elly Genthe, 83



Rescued from a terrible fall

If you live in Australia you may remember a news story about a young man who slipped and fell from a waterfall at Mount Glorious, west of Brisbane several weeks ago. The injured man was very badly hurt but his friend stayed with him and cared for him until help arrived. From the news report:

Inspector Hunter Nicol says he was lying face down in the water and a hiking companion jumped in and dragged him out.

“He has got severe head injuries, some leg injuries from what we can gather initially,” he said.

“He’d fallen approximately 10 metres, landing face first into water and it was only for his friend – he was able to get him out and look after him until help was able to arrive.”

Why am I blogging about a hiking incident that happened on the other side of the planet? Because Bartek, the friend who saved the injured man’s life, is my sister-in-law Suzanne’s boyfriend. Here is his story. He sent me photos but they didn’t attach properly unfortunately. Suzanne sent on the images you see here later.

Mount Glorious creek bed My friend’s name is Andrew Davison but I call him Davo at times from our school days. Suzanne tells me you would like a more comprehensive account of what happened 2 Sundays ago, so here goes.

08-falls.jpg I hadn’t seen Andrew since we climbed some of the Glass House Mountains, Queensland about 5 months ago. On this trip, he was eager to show me the Mount Glorious creek bed from Greens Falls to Love Falls (pictured). There was enough water at Love Falls for a little cool down dunk in the water before we headed up Love Creek and we got up to a pretty huge waterfall which we climbed to the top to have a better look before heading back.
Andrew climbing It was about 1:30pm and we were about an hour’s walk from the car when we where retuning through a fairly difficult portion of the creek. We had to go around a dried up water fall as it would be unsafe to try going straight up. Andrew was about 10m from the bottom of the creek bed and had reached a bit he was struggling with. I told him to grab hold of the bag strap I lowered down and to give the rock in front of him a big tug to see if it held, and then use that rock for leverage. This he did but without holding onto the bag to check the rock properly. Our worst fears were confirmed when a 6-8kg rock came straight out of the side of the ravine and Andrew fell from his hazardous perch. The rock followed him down and I believe smashed his right eye during the fall. He landed back first into about 20cm of water, knocked him unconscious, and started to sink into the water as the pool turned crimson. I flew down the side of the ravine with little thought to my safety and made it to him in about 35 seconds, apologies to the vegetation on the way!

I slid straight into the waist deep water near Andrew and put both my arms underneath his, with my left hand on his forehead to stabilize his neck, my right arm around his chest I heaved… Damn he was heavy! My underwater foothold slipped and we fell back into the water and again I heaved him up the side of the rock. As he lay there he coughed up all the water he had swallowed and started coughing and moaning. Once I got him in a stable position I checked him out. There were major lacerations to his head, possible skull fractures, a hole in his right cheek about an inch long, his right eye was mush with multiple fractures bulging out, two major lacerations on his right knee and one on his left knee. So much blood.

Having only my shirt available, I strapped his right knee to stop that bleeding and put a thick woolly sock on the head wound so he couldn’t feel all that blood flowing over him and cause him to panic even more. I pulled my mobile phone out of the bag while cradling Andrew so he would stay still and be more comfortable and called the emergency services. it took them about 5 minutes to put me in contact with emergency personnel who told me to do what I had already done; check his pulse, his breathing, see if his eyes were reacting to light and movement, ask him questions, keep him conscious and not to give him any water. He was in a really bad shape.

We had a very long wait of two hours keeping leeches, flies, mosquitoes, ticks and ants off us, keeping Andrew moaning and concious and trying to keep him warm with my blood covered body while answering phone calls to stupid ass people that couldn’t follow my directions.
“Just ask the F***ING locals!” I felt like screaming down the phone but said so politely. Finally two locals did find us and a girl of about 16 came climbing down to us like a natural. She talked to Andrew while her brother screamed to the 2 paramedics, the fireman and the police officer who had fallen well behind, “Hurry the f*** up you slow bastards. He’s down HERE!”

helicopter Thank God help was here. I told the girl to use her white shirt to wave at the helicopter at the clearing and her brother to take off his shirt so we could keep Andrew warm as he was already shivering uncontrollably. Within 20 minutes the chopper dropped off 2 more paramedics who helped to stabilize Andrew. Then it came back after another 20 minutes to drop off the stretcher and returned after 45 minutes once we had Andrew in it and had carried him down to the clearing about 20 meters away and about 15 meters below where he fell.

Anyway, Andrew was sent home today from hospital. He will have to return for at least 2 more operations to remove bone fragments from behind his eye again and for his right knee. Apart from that he is healing quickly and looks like he will be back to normal in the near future.

Thanks Bartek for sharing the story of the rescue. I think you were a hero that day and Andrew is lucky you kept your head and knew what to do. Hopefully you’ll never have to use those skills again!

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Census 1901 – a look into the past

Do a search for Census 1901 Ireland and you’ll find lots of sites offering lists and information from the census that year. However for a personal insight into the Census, Grannymar has an interesting post. It was a completely different world. “The good old days” indeed!

Column 4 – Education.

State here whether he or she can “Read and Write,” can “Read” only, or “Cannot Read.”

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I want to break free

Gerry, you’re at peace now.


Full of suds

Don’t you just hate people who exaggerate? I don’t mean the person who bends the truth on the odd occasion when describing an amazing story. That’s how stories happen – with time the extraneous bits get chopped off with each telling and the fish gets bigger, or the risk gets higher.

No, it annoys me when someone exaggerates everything about themselves. Are they compensating for something? Trying a little too hard to please, to be noticed, to be great. “The ego has landed.”

That’s my little thought for the day before I head off to the hospital. Have a good day today!


The Anxiety of Getting Things Done

What’s on your TODO list? Don’t get swamped under by all those little jobs you have to do today. Here’s some good tips and advice for those who wake up in a sweat every morning..

  1. Getting you to focus on the next task.
  2. Thinking about tasks in terms of where you do them, not what they’re about.
  3. Let your anxiety set your priorities.
  4. Calendars and deadlines.
  5. The Tickler.
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That Friday Feeling..

That Friday Feeling has been around since 1929! Thank Crunchie It’s Friday!
(Blame pron for that!)


Jeremy has a bit about "What S …

Jeremy has a bit about “What Should I Do With My Life?” which just made it to slashdot too.

I’m convinced that business success in the future starts with the question, What should I do with my life? Yes, that’s right. The most obvious and universal question on our plates as human beings is the most urgent and pragmatic approach to sustainable success in our organizations. People don’t succeed by migrating to a “hot” industry ( one word: dotcom ) or by adopting a particular career-guiding mantra ( remember “horizontal careers”? ). They thrive by focusing on the question of who they really are — and connecting that to work that they truly love ( and, in so doing, unleashing a productive and creative power that they never imagined ). Companies don’t grow because they represent a particular sector or adopt the latest management approach. They win because they engage the hearts and minds of individuals who are dedicated to answering that life question.


Your Most Important Financial …

Your Most Important Financial Decision – Be content with what you have.

Contentment isn’t a feeling or a mood; it’s a decision. Only by choosing to be content with what you already have can you accomplish your budget, saving, and investing goals. Without choosing contentment, you’ll be ensnared by a subtle but ever-expanding appetite for money and all the things it can purchase — and worst of all, it’s an appetite that’s never fulfilled.