If crawling was an Olympic sport…

The pond by Zelenogorsk
The pond by Zelenogorsk

The players of DayZ would have a fair chance of winning first place in the Olympics if crawling on all fours was included in the games.

I’ve managed to survive for 2 days now but running through the forests and crawling through open spaces is tiresome. The zombies can still see and hear you while crawling but it’s harder and it feels like cheating when I crawl for too long. I was still spotted twice and killed my first zombie with a hatchet this evening! Nice, silent weapon too. Another zombie down the road didn’t hear a thing.

Pity about the lunatic survivors around here though. Twice I spotted them being chased and the second time they brought zombies into the supermarket where I was hiding up. Luckily the zombies didn’t see me and went out back in the general direction of my fast running ‘friend’.

I’m of two minds about DayZ. The game is slow to reveal everything which is incentive to continue playing but crawling around on my belly isn’t the most entertaining way to spend an evening. Because so little happens and it requires you to be careful, slow and methodical it’s quite easy to while away a few hours!

4 thoughts on “If crawling was an Olympic sport…

  1. You have to give it time and if time is a commodity you can’t afford then that’s on you and not the game imo. There is a tempo that you need to find and if you are in the gear of COD then this game is not for you. But if you revel in surviving and picking up hints on surviving over the long haul, you will love this game, this coming from a father of two.

    1. I think what I’m trying to get at is that it’s an open world and as such there’s no end. It’s quite easy to spend a huge amount of time in it!

      Anyway, I just got myself a Lee Enfield (noisy I know, but I don’t have any ammo anyway) and a Makarov. I may just keep the hatchet in hand though because it’s a silent killer!

  2. My new strategy is to run like a mad man. I was shot and killed by another survivor last night while crawling around one of the cities so after spawning at Kamenka I ran like a mad man. Agroed loads of zombies of course and lost most of them when I ran around a house. I managed to get a hatchet and killed 17 zombies for myself too. Didn’t last too long but it was so much fun! 🙂

    Did that twice and luckily spawned in near a friend twice. We passed each other running through the town with our respective zombie hoards!

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