The War Z: Devious criticism in an unfriendly forum

The War Z

When the developers of a game, The War Z in this case, are deleting all negative comments on the Steam forum you have to be clever to get your critical message across. (via)

I played The War Z briefly when Paul gave me a 2 day pass. It’s very like DayZ but monetised. You have multiple character slots and when one character dies you have to wait before using that character again. Apparently they’ve increased that wait from 1 hour to 4 hours except if you pay money to respawn instantly. This is after paying for the base game too! There may be issues with getting refunds too but in an interview the developers say you can get a refund from Steam. Not a great way to launch a new game.

The War Z is not for me. Running through empty scenery between locations, crawling around in the dirt avoiding zombies, watching out for other players gets boring very quickly. At least with DayZ I was able to play the excellent Arma II when I got bored of running away from zombies or dying of thirst after running across the map to attempt to meet up with friends.

The many faces of Arma II

Arma II, the game that is still selling like hot cakes because of DayZ, is an excellent game in it’s own right. It’s also extremely modifiable.

DayZ isn’t the only zombie mod for the game either. Here’s a simplistic one that looks like fun.

And finally Chernarus Apocalypse, another multiplayer zombie mod.

If crawling was an Olympic sport…

The pond by Zelenogorsk
The pond by Zelenogorsk

The players of DayZ would have a fair chance of winning first place in the Olympics if crawling on all fours was included in the games.

I’ve managed to survive for 2 days now but running through the forests and crawling through open spaces is tiresome. The zombies can still see and hear you while crawling but it’s harder and it feels like cheating when I crawl for too long. I was still spotted twice and killed my first zombie with a hatchet this evening! Nice, silent weapon too. Another zombie down the road didn’t hear a thing.

Pity about the lunatic survivors around here though. Twice I spotted them being chased and the second time they brought zombies into the supermarket where I was hiding up. Luckily the zombies didn’t see me and went out back in the general direction of my fast running ‘friend’.

I’m of two minds about DayZ. The game is slow to reveal everything which is incentive to continue playing but crawling around on my belly isn’t the most entertaining way to spend an evening. Because so little happens and it requires you to be careful, slow and methodical it’s quite easy to while away a few hours!

Dodging Zombies in DayZ

Panic struck as a zombie hops by in DayZ

Like many others I bought ARMA II yesterday while it was on sale on Steam. The Six Updater makes it super easy to install the DayZ mod and after a couple of attempts I had joined a server.

I landed on the shore of course and while I was trying to be quiet I only had a few minutes to spare so it wasn’t long before I led 2 zombies in a merry dance along the shoreline before I managed to lose them behind a nearby building. Unfortunately the blood loss I suffered in the attack turned out to be fatal.

My second go was more successful, in that I lasted longer but again I attracted the attention of the local zombies. I outran them and then crawled around a petrol station where all I found was some wire fencing and a couple of empty tin cans. I scampered out of there as fast as my prone body could take me passing within a metre or two of one of those crouched zombies. I got away but I have the shakes from blood loss, no food, no weapons. I don’t expect to last much longer ..

The last few minutes of my third life in DayZ. I was unsuccessful in sneaking around and attracted 3-4 zombies who ran after me to the next town. I figured if I could cut line of sight I’d get away so I dodged around a house and hid behind a shed. It worked! Unfortunately blood loss was too great and I expired a minute later.

No sound as DXTory was recording from the wrong audio device. My character was breathing hard and freaking out. Great atmosphere. Next time I’m just going to run for the woods.