5 thoughts on “In a thousand years time what will they say?

  1. I’ve often asked me the same question. Especially given our move to digital storsage for all things knowledge. Imagine finding a USB stick a thousand years from now, when we couldn’t even read a 20-30 years old media on our currently computer… I was discussing this theory with a friend the other day: I predict that within 5 years, a substantial portion of the archeology field will in fact start focusing on this, where for the 1st time in their field, they’ll be worrying about what to leave their future colleagues, rather than exploring what our ancestors left us with.

    1. Hehe, well I was actually more concerned with the implication by the letter writer that his religion is right when he says the Egyptians were wrong in their religious beliefs. In a thousand years I suspect religion will be a lot different to the way it is today.

      But you’re right. In a thousand years there might be more evidence of ancient religions than present day religions and cultures because of our digital legacy! We’re still at the early stages of moving information into a digital medium and the tools to manage them are improving. Long term storage is still a problem though.

  2. Who the f*** cares what people thousands of years think of us? Are we trying to win their favor?

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