Batman Arkham Asylum Combat Tips

I’m still at the stage where I just mash the attack and evade buttons in combat. The first video above shows a simple but better technique by evading enemies with jumps and the second one is the “Perfect Freeflow 2.0” achievement showing how to do the following moves in slow motion.

1 – Standard Strike – PS3: Square I Xbox 360: X
2 – Stun – PS3: Circle I Xbox 360: B
3 – Evade Jump – PS3: X I Xbox 360: A
4 – Counter – PS3: Trianlge I Xbox 360: Y
5 – Special Combo Takedown – PS3: Trianlge+Circle I Xbox 360: Y+B
6 – Special Combo Bat Swarm – PS3: Square+X I Xbox 360: X+A
7 – Special Combo Disarm And Destroy – PS3: Triangle+Square I Xbox 360: Y+X
8 – Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown – PS3: Circle+X I Xbox 360: B+A
9 – Aerial Attack – PS3: Circle, Left Stick+X, X I Xbox 360: X, Left Stick+A, A
10 – Beat Down Finisher – PS3: Circle, Square (8 times) I Xbox 360: B, X (8 times)
11 – Batclaw Slam – PS3: L1+Trianlge, Square I Xbox 360: LB+Y, X
12 – Ultiamte Stun – PS3: Circle, Circle, Circle I Xbox 360: B, B, B
13 – Ground Pound – PS3: R2+Triangle I Xbox 360: RT+Y

I now wish Battlefield 3 wasn’t coming out on Friday as I won’t have time to devote to this amazing and beautiful game!

Bonus link: Combat, Gadgets, Upgrades, Riddler Challenges, and More!

3 thoughts on “Batman Arkham Asylum Combat Tips

  1. Anyone I’ve spoken loves the game though I did hear something interesting about the ending 🙂

    Looking over those button combos I don’t think I’d like playing this, I’m not a fan of having to use button combos during fight scenes. Apart from that it looks like a great game.

  2. If you like Batman you will love the story in this one. I just came across the Joker and well, wow. Combat is partly button mashing but you can buy upgrades. Some of the actions above have to be bought when you level up, but you can activate a tutorial to help.

    I have a tutorial on the critical hit upgrade activated. If you hit attack (square) just as you finish the previous attack you’ll get a crit. Do it wrong and a very brief warning flashes up. I see that a lot …

    After playing the story 2 nights now I’m on a high each time, it’s like taking part in a Batman graphic novel.

  3. I’ve got the first Batman here but have never played it. I think I’ll move onto that next once I complete Mass Effect 2. If I like it I’ll give this one a spin.

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