Bad Company 2: new site and YT commenter

I’m glad to see Paul finally posted a BfBC2 video on his blog. It’s a great montage of clips from the Vietnam expansion (hell of a lot better than my unlisted first commentary!) Go leave a comment and give the video a thumbs up!

And in other news, a new blog called In Bad Company has been launched by Chris! Expecting good things from him as he did the guest commentary on my last video.

On a personal note, it’s great to see the Bad Company 2 community grow stronger on!

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8 replies on “Bad Company 2: new site and YT commenter”

Hey mate thnx for the ‘promotion’ appreciate it. Its a shame that my rendering/upload settings were kind of, well how can I put….oh yeah screwed up……. but hopefully I’ve sorted the settings out now and my future video’s will be better but we all have to learn this stuff I guess.

Going to go check out the new blog now and as I posted on my blog, The Bad Company 2 community are an awesome bunch of people and I look forward to hopefully one day becoming a part of it 😉

Wow…… you both really think so???? I kinda saw myself as a noob on the fringes so really appreciate your comments and support. Working on a new vid now which will hopefully meet with your approval, just need to work out the commentary!!

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