5 Replies to “Proof that Activision doesn’t listen to its users”

    1. I want dinosaurs! Really! Black Ops would have been so great with them. Might have been hard to squeeze a T Rex into some of the smaller maps but hell, would have made those games so much better! 😉

  1. I think they missed a trick by not having a T-Rex as a potential care package reward…. except that it just stomped and mauled anyone nearby. Especially rewarding if your care package is stolen.

    Imagine Godzilla destroying Tokyo, that sort of thing.

  2. A new tactical grenade could have been a Dilophosaurus. You toss it by its tail and then it blinds nearby enemies by spitting in their faces and then… and thennn… it eats a fat guy in a jeep. O_o

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