Bad Company 2 on the Xbox 360 has better…

Bad Company 2 on the Xbox 360 has better audio than the PS3. At least that’s my impression every time I hear it. Maybe it’s my headphones but the audio sounds clearer, and more vibrant.

Anyway, I joined TheFingersHurt and two of his friends, Gaggapudding and BasicTorshiro for a few games of Bad Company 2 on the Xbox. First up was conquest on Heavy Metal and games on that are as manic as they are when I’m playing with my friends on PS3. Mad racing jeeps, indiscriminate firing of rockets and bumping of each other’s vehicles and that sort of madness!

We played rush on Oasis too, and when attacking failed miserably right until we made a concerted effort. I smoked up the area, we armed Bravo and defended it but it was too late. Still, we defended the same base successfully on the first game too so maybe it’s hard to attack? We tried Cold War too but the less said about that the better. Ahem.

Should have gameplay videos of those games up sometime, the games of on Heavy Metal were especially mad and memorable!

10 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 on the Xbox 360 has better…

    1. LOL, Heavy Metal is great fun with some friends. Unfortunately the game where gaga flew us out of bounds and bailed out is the video I can’t convert to mp4 and edit. Not sure why but I’ll contact the author of HDPVR Capture today. He might have a fix for it.

      Oh, that Belgian beer I like is Leff, although I’ve sort of gone off it as it’s too fizzy or something. Got two bottles of beer in the fridge since Friday, untouched. I wonder what BC2 while slightly tipsy would be like?

      1. Playing BC2 after a few is very hard. But at the time i hadn’t unlocked the AN-94. Was waiting for you to show up on the PSN network for some BC2 last night.. Hope fullyyou’ll be up for some tonight or tomorrow.

        1. Sorry, I played a couple of games (well, 2 half games I joined late) between 8 and 9 but I was too tired to play after that. I doubt I’ll be on tonight either, too tired and I suspect the little fella will be awake late too!

      2. Just want your opinion on that headset I got and the new silence you can now enjoy when I’m playing (as in not hearing the tv echo your own tv’s “Hey we just took that shit”, etc)

    2. Phew. The .m2ts file has some errors right at the start but I’m converting it with mencoder on my Linux machine. Hopefully iMovie will be able to load this file!

      mencoder 20101206_205720.m2ts -oac pcm -ovc x264 -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=6000 -o conquest.mp4

    1. Yeah, NFS Hot Pursuit! I played a “free race” mode first which got boring because it was basically driving by myself and then tried an online game. While I struggled to find the USB cable for my PVR the race started so I, eh, finished last. Might upload it later. The guys who did Blur coded this too and it shows. It has a similar feel and the sound effects are familiar.

      The game looks great, great soundtrack, but I’m a shooter guy at heart so it might not get much play time here unfortunately.

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