Bad Company 2: Smoking on Isla Inocentes Rush

Yet another gameplay, but this time rush on Isla Inocentes. Audio was recorded through my Macbook’s internal microphone and it sounded fine when I played it back before uploading but now I can hear a slight background hiss.
Unfortunately the 3.5mm jack on the Macbook isn’t powered so a cheap and cheerful mic won’t work and I need to use a USB one. Complications, complications, complications!

From the description I posted on Youtube:

Using smoke to confound the enemy on Isla Inocentes. I never do well when I use smoke but it helps the team sometimes. I spend so much time smoking up an area I become a target for snipers. I guess I have to be exposed to enemy fire more often than I like too.

I did figure one important thing from this game. You can spot enemy players through your own smoke.

Audio was recorded on my aging Macbook’s internal mic and it’s nice and loud. Shame about the slight background noise and right at the end my wife came into the kitchen but thankfully didn’t do anything but roll her eyes as I spoke to my computer!

My KDR is slowly creeping up, it’s 0.86 now. I doubt I’ll ever get it to 1.00 simply because I don’t have time to play it that much and my early games in standard resolution really put a dent in my stats. One of these days I’ll be a good player. Yeah. Right.

Colin’s Rush Playbook for Isla Inocentes is here

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