Reconsidering my Medal of Honor pre-order

I pre-ordered Medal of Honor (for PS3) a few days ago from Amazon. I selected their free delivery method so it’ll be almost a week after release before I get the game, but I can wait. Really. Maybe.

Anyway, a few videos from the PC beta showed up on Youtube this morning that made me rethink the wisdom of pre-ordering the game.

In Jay’s video he must have been fuming at the lack of progress and deaths he suffered at the hands of unseen enemies. I certainly would have been (quietly) cursing my enemy.

Seems there are already aimbots in the PC beta. Look at how fast that guy flicks from left to right shooting at distant enemies.

But finally, d0n7bl1nk posted a video where he did rather well and he was upbeat about the game. Even at 360p the scenery looks stunning to me, and at least there won’t be any crate bashing in the objective type games.

One final video from Mileycyrusthevirus. He’s undecided about the game too but the gameplay video is great.

Have any of you, my dear readers played the PC beta? Do you like it? The console beta months ago was a pile of pooh but DICE have had plenty of time to work their magic and make it better.

PS. Good to see David’s still posting videos!

0 thoughts on “Reconsidering my Medal of Honor pre-order

    1. So that’s why someone left a comment on David’s video saying “camper of the snipe” 🙂

      I’ve got as far as doing the tutorial/training section in MAG but I was too tired to play it last night. Calibration of the Move controller is easy enough but you have to do it each time you fire up the game which is annoying. At least the Wii controller was a bit smarter about that.

      Aiming during the training session was easy enough, but I found myself aiming towards the ground a lot as I was walking or crawling around. Aiming from the hip or down sight at targets required me to think differently as I wasn’t moving my thumb carefully, I was aiming from the wrist.

      It’s also annoying that you’re supposed to sit about 3ft or so from the tv/monitor. I sit at my desk to play games, not in the middle of my (small) office.

      The navigation controller (ie. Wii nunchuck) has a small joystick, but in game that’s for strafing left and right and forward/backwards, turning requires moving the sight with the move controller left and right. Might be a problem in multiplayer. Anyone with a Move controller won’t really be able to circle strafe an enemy.

      Move is *no* substitute for a keyboard and even a cheap mouse. It baffles me that Sony and MS have never really pushed that control method.

  1. Wow 3 ft from your TV/Monitor, that sounds like a serious limitation.

    I think the consoles have never promoted the keyboard/mouse method because those users would have a huge advantage over normal controller users. In fact since the 3.50 firmware update some of those 3rd party controllers are having issues. Not sure if it was an intentional thing by Sony or those 3rd party controllers just suffered collateral damage from Sony trying to address the jailbreak issue.

    1. But it’s not as if using a keyboard and mouse is rocket science. I mean, PC users use them! (hides)

      I saw that about the 3rd party controllers. I bet they’re not licensed, and it was intentional!

    1. I think mine was Half Life 2. I bought a new PC to play it but the machine was too buggy to be stable playing so I never got into it like I did Half Life 1. When I bought the Orange Box for Xbox 360 I never got into it again because of the choice of games available. Oh well!

      Before that I think it was Quake 3 🙂

  2. I went ahead and downloaded the MOH beta last night and played a bit. Overall the game was just sort of meh. The Rush game type was pretty bad, but would probably be more enjoyable after you develop some map knowledge. Sector Control (Domination like game) was fairly fun, but the map seemed small and over run with people.

    I didn’t find it to be a bad game, but it also didn’t get me excited for the full game. Probably going to skip MOH and just wait for Black Ops. Based upon Mike’s tweets last night his experience was far more negative than mine.

      1. It doesn’t even show you where the guy who shot you is? Or the angle he had? COD had that years ago!!!

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