Odd games of bad company 2!


Wow! Where did the day go? Last night’s games were decidedly odd. I joined Mike on a game of rush and the first thing I noticed was my lack of weapons! They were all gone!
I’d heard of this happening before but not experienced out myself. Yikes! Luckily after the first game they came back.

Still, the server we were on was buggy. Thankfully not laggy but at the end of each round our medals were duplicated! Weird!


It was a good night. We defended port valdez on the first base and I even went flawless, 10-0! I pity the other team. My team pushed almost right into their spawn.


I also got a platinum medal for the AN94! First weapon I’ve done that on.

Unfortunately there was a share of C4ing and using mines to destroy the MCOM stations. Even on my own team. Grrr. We didn’t need to do that.

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