After last Friday’s games my Bad Compan…

After last Friday’s games my Bad Company 2 skill level jumped up to 400! Just had a game of SDM with matched players and got slaughtered! Same story with Conquest. Ouch.

From a high of 403 it collapsed to 291 after SDM to 203 after a few games of Conquest. Woohoo! Next game I have should be considerably easier. Sorry Duck, Sulley, Conor and Wiid 🙂

Somehow Duck spawned on top of a tree in Nelson Bay. I joined him there for a minute but then jumped down to take this photo..
I always thought they preferred water.

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  1. Stayed on this level after, most people on our side left, the other team managed to send there tank in and keep everyone in the spawn point surrounded by snipers mines and grenades, frustrating!! I then joined a team deathmatch with hardly anyone in it and killed 28 in one game, which was nice.

    1. Spawn trapping is awful. It’s happened to me too. Nice result in the SDM!

      I’m thinking of moderating my play a bit more. 2 days off, 1 day play in the evening. I definitely play better when I’ve had a good night’s sleep and I’m alert.

    2. Speaking of sleep, am I the only one who finds it hard to go to sleep straight after 2 hours of BC2? Could be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, must be worse with a gamepad that vibrates if you’re hit. (I hate those vibrating things, I don’t need my hands to tell me something is happening)

      1. It’s certainly not the most relaxing thing to do, it can take me about half an hour to fall asleep. Apparently I don’t sleep as well either after playing and crash my teeth together which is I’d say a sign of stress.

        I’m heading out for a walk around Blarney tonight when Adam’s gone to bed.

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