Bad Company 2 Conquest and SDM last nigh…

Bad Company 2 Conquest and SDM last night for us. Cards needed our help with a video he’s doing but unfortunately Duck can never connect to David’s games. Weird. Anyway, when we got into the game we ended up on the wrong teams so we started jumping around and stuff and gave up. I presume Cards grabbed a few others then.

It was getting late so I started another squad and we hopped into SDM, without David at first but he joined later on another squad and killed Mike and Duck. I dodged him, but still ended up with a bad KDR. I think we won, but definitely won the last game of SDM we played. Despite my crap KDR.

This Reddit thread reminded me of two of our games on Atacama Desert. The enemy grabbed both our helicopters and flew around like mad things! They still didn’t stop us taking all three flags. Duck and myself had lots of fun defending one flag over and over again! Poor Mike had a tough time trying to take down the air vehicles. We won won game decisively, but the second game was lost even though we had all three flags. Those helis did a lot of damage.

Blur tonight, or over the next few days methinks. Excited to try the teamplay games. Will have to unlock that mode first though.

Oh, there was a weird lag in some games. It felt more like the machine struggling to display and run the game rather than network issues. No rubber banding, just a case of stuttering occasionally. The same thing happens to me when I host Onslaught games and the game gets hectic. Anyone else?

Funny moment of the night: I think David spawned on me in the building that normally houses Bravo 2 on Arica Harbour. I spotted an enemy in the next building so I aimed high and tossed a grenade. Ooops. Instead of going through the door it bounced off the wall above it and came right back at us! I dodged out of the blast radius and thankfully it wasn’t hardcore so I didn’t have to worry about teamkills. How we laughed! 🙂

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  1. Yes poor me ?. I had some bad games last night because of them dam heli. His name was killer149 who slaughtered use. I think I’m going to send him a friend request to see if he can give me some flying lessions. He was the best player I have played against with a skill score of over 700 and a KD of 3.04. It’s worth a chance. Hopefully blur will come today but first I’m going to give that router another go with a new firmware update they released yesterday. Fingers crossed ?

    1. Uber Noob who joined us a few times is pretty good in the helicopter too. Maybe next time on conquest I’ll look out for him and send him an invite 🙂

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