Use your headphones properly in Bad Company 2!

During a lull between games last night I changed the sound settings in Bad Company 2 from “Home Cinema” to “headphones”. I mistakenly thought that “home cinema” would give a better surround sound effect on my fancy pants headphones. Boy was I wrong!

Now I can hear footsteps better, the whole world sounds so much better. I can hear the wind blowing through the trees. It’s like “War Tapes” but not as overboard on the reverb. In maps where there are an abundance of houses it helps a whole lot as I can hear enemy wandering around upstairs!
It’s like that low noise perk in Modern Warfare 2 that lets you hear footsteps a lot more clearly. Yes, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t try that setting before now.

0 thoughts on “Use your headphones properly in Bad Company 2!

  1. What headphones are you using for playing? Also, are you playing using the PS3? Thanks for the input.

    1. PS3 and Xbox, and I use the Sharkoon Xtatic surround sound headphones. Bit pricey but I love them. Unfortunately the Xbox mic lead seems to be a little flakey but it works fine on the PS3.

  2. Do headphones work on the 360? As in using the headphones on my headset to hear audio from the game play?

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