Desert Island Games

So you’re stuck on a desert island, with nothing but a games console, a handy power socket in the coconut tree and an internet connection. Yes, that seems rather likely doesn’t it?

It’ll be days before they rescue you. What game will you be playing to pass the time?

0 thoughts on “Desert Island Games

    1. It’s instantaneous. Any data you transmit arrives before you send it. It’s something to do with the sub-atomic nature of coconut hair. I expect I’ll be coming out of BC2 with a KDR of 93 gizzillion percent after my stay on the island.

      It’s quite amazing really, and totally true because I made it all up.

  1. Right now it would be Bit.Trip beat for the Wii (wiiware, 700ish points). An island would mean loud music and no interruptions which are vital for that game.

    But from the list it would be MW2. I’m almost master of my own destiny in that there are a stack of game modes, challenges, pre-zero ping gives me an amazing advantage and hell I might even go for 10th Prestige level 70.

    Is Halo a game though? πŸ™‚

  2. hahaha BLUR XD.
    i would have to go with GTA : San Andreas HD Collectable. as it takes about 2 weeks to complete and loads of multiplayer action with mods πŸ™‚ and the ps3 could also work as a PC so you are sorted and could order some food and help.

  3. Had to go with Halo, although I think that minus ping is probably going to cause the same problems that high pings do, but in reverse meaning that you’d have to pre-lead an enemy rather than lead them. My reasoning for Halo – Starcraft is too much headwork, MW2: even minus ping won’t stop commando, Blur…. unless Duck is tied to the palm tree by the RJ45 I wouldn’t want to spend a fortnight of second place. Bad Company is a close second but the weirdness from the other night makes me wonder if even minus ping would make a difference.

    Otherwise, Oblivion IV Elder Scrolls – I never did complete the underground shrine missions to collect all the lamp things (technical, I know).

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