I feel sorry for the team we were playin…

I feel sorry for the team we were playing in Bad Company 2 Rush this evening. We slaughtered them.

Defending on White Pass they didn’t make it past the first base. They started by shooting RPGs into Bravo and when I had little success shooting back I flanked around by heading up the construction site. You can practically see into their spawn from there! They didn’t expect it at all! It’s also a good idea to run behind the construction site up on the hill. Quite a few attackers were headed that way and were easy kills. Got a nice 15/9 game out of that.

There was some C4 whoring too, and in the next game we were attacking on Arica Harbour, both crates were taken out by C4. I quit then, mainly because it’s so late but that really bugged me too. Pity teamkills were’t possible because I pumped a clip into the back of that recon.

Playing with Sulley, Duck and Red Dragons. Wish we could have bigger squads or party chat like on Xbox Live because Mike and Conor logged in too. Bah.

My KDR has increased to 0.84 and win/loss has jumped from 1.52 to 1.57. Woo!

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  1. Man we were destroying them from that construction tower! It totally took away their ability to rocket A. Good playing with you.

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