47-0 on Atacama Desert

I think the highest number of kills I got in Bad Company 2 Onslaught is 79, in one of my first games with Mike last week. It was only the two of us playing, and it was on easy difficulty so the enemy practically stand in the middle of the road for you to shoot.

Here’s a screenshot of the scores from a game this weekend. It was on Atacama Desert, on hard difficulty and I had the tank most of the time. We crushed all who opposed us. I got 47 kills and I didn’t die once!

I have to give credit to Mike who can land a tracer on a speeding bullet. Without his skills those Havoc helicopters would have been a lot more deadly.

For more tracer hell, check out this video David created of a Rush game on Isla. Mike helped take down helicopter after helicopter. Madness!


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