Getting behind the enemy is a great tact…

Getting behind the enemy is a great tactic. I love doing it on the last base on Isla while defending. I did that last night, first when everyone retreating after the village was taken and then dropped off by Dave a few times. Did so much damage, it was great!
One good thing you can do is stopping the UAV. I was huddled in the corner near where Alpha used to be, and unfortunately as a recon I zoomed in on the UAV operator and saw and heard an engineer slapping C4 onto the UAV! Nasty! They weren’t even close to losing so this was a really cheap tactic. With my M24 I tried shooting the engineer, and a body shot didn’t take him down. He ran for cover but the UAV guy stayed so I reloaded, lined up on his head, BANG! Down he goes, and with him the UAV laden with C4! Hehe. I didn’t last too long when they realised where I was.
Next I had a good killstreak when Dave dropped me back there next, he hovered low so they wouldn’t notice the parachute and I got 4-5 kills, including a medic who ducked down next to me. He didn’t know, but I did. BANG! Woo!

Ah fun. It was great. I started the evening playing in a game with Conor, Dave sent me an invite but his squad was then full when I joined so I went back to Conor’s game. Unfortunately I got kicked from that and couldn’t join. The server filled up too. Grrr. I joined Dave’s squad again with the intention of seeing if there was space but no, Dave, Mike and Gary were already playing together. I played with them for a bit, thinking, “alright, how do I get back to Conor’s game?” but Conor joined our team, of course not on our squad unfortunately.
I wish the PS3 had party chat like the Xbox does! There wouldn’t have been any problem then.

Oh, removing the blue fence on the 3rd base in Arica Harbour really helped. I swear, enemies weren’t expecting it and walked out into the open several times!

Anyway, my KDR increased to 0.81, win/loss to 1.63 and my skill level has rocketed to 323 or 174 depending on which skill stat you look at. I just noticed my average lifetime has increased from 59 seconds to 1m 9s which is welcome too.

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  1. Before I forget, the my little pony guy was back last night. I shot him just before the second last game ended. Pity he hasn’t responded to my friend request. Mad username. 🙂

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