Just got my Medal of Honor beta code fro…

Just got my Medal of Honor beta code from GAME and eventually managed to get an online code. Their site refused to accept my EA login, but on the third page it asks for your EA id. I typed in what it could be and it worked! Hell of a security system EA, that’s totally screwed up!

So, I’ll try MOH tonight, but I’m not expecting much. From all I’ve heard it seems like a right pile of pooh. I wonder if Amazon.co.uk will send me a beta code too. If they do, who wants it? Only regular commenters need apply please! 🙂

Oh, if you’ve played the beta and can reproduce any of the freeze bugs, take a look at this forum thread and reply if the bug isn’t covered yet. Thanks Sgt_Roach_ for linking to my post below with Geoff’s video showing the freezing bugs he found! Saved me the job!

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  1. Ooh ooh me me! If it’s available.

    I’ve watched a couple of vids on it including Cards and it looks like it’s either going to be either really crap or really good.

    1. OK, it’s yours whenever Amazon.co.uk get around to sending out their invite code! I had a quick game during lunch and it’s not so bad. I had the sensitivity up too high but Helmund Valley has lots of bottlenecks making it possible to get a few kills. I think I got a pointlstreak but it didn’t freeze (got a +5 for a revenge kill and +5 for assist so that might have helped) and I didn’t know how to activate it. Game ended very quickly.

      1. It was either Geoff or Cards that mentioned that the sensitivity is like on MW2 so I’ll probably use a 3 or 4 on there.

        ALSO: One of my subs on YouTube has just given me a Beta code so you can offer the code to someone else if/when you get it from Amazon.

      2. Unfortunately that second code won’t be sent out until then for me too. Preorder it from Game ASAP and you’ll get a code tomorrow!

        There’s no specific cancel page on the Game website but I’m going to contact customer support and cancel my order tomorrow.

      1. Hi there Donncha i was wondering if that Beta code is still up for grabs? thanks Chris

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