Medal of Honor Gameplay Video

Cardsnumber7 is the first person on my subscriber list to post a Medal of Honor gameplay video to Youtube. He says himself that he’s figuring out how to play the game and the commentary isn’t very good but it gives a good idea of how the game looks and plays.

Geoff held a streaming session on playing MOH but when I hopped onto his channel he was playing Arica Harbour in BfBC2! I guess MOH came later.

Now I’m wondering how many of my online friends are taking part in the MOH beta. Field Operative is, though he’s on Xbox and the beta is delayed a week on that platform. Geoff is, on PS3, Mike too?

Field Operative linked to more videos, I hope he doesn’t mind if I post them too. They’re tiny on his blog!

Ah feck, tempted now to pre-order it to get in the beta!

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  1. Geoff had technical issues with the beta, I don’t know if it was the code, but he couldn’t get in. I was in the live stream for a while to watch. The chat was pretty annoying to watch though (the viewers, not Geoff et al).

    1. Ah ha. On some of the videos above they mention that the beta freezes the PS3. Cards took 3 or 4 tries to get a video of one round without crashing.

      BfBC2 isn’t quite that bad for me, but every 2nd or 3rd night the PS3 will freeze and require a reboot when I play that game.

      Have you pre-ordered the game to get in the beta?

  2. This thread on the beta is discouraging. Seems that European users won’t get into the beta until July 5th, and the last comment currently is less than encouraging:

    Dont worry guys your not missing anything. imagine the worst parts of modern warfare combined with the wost parts of battlefield with out any of the bits that made that game great. poor graphics, no destructible enviroments, weak guns, poor sound, no teams or squads, only three classes with an option of two guns per class, no awsum battlefield bullet physics, poor hit dection, insurgents use a gay little axe intead of a knife (it looks soo gay), the game freezes for about a second everytime you die, which really pulls you out of the game, art design is completely uninspired and bland. for all the snipers out there none of the sniper rifles ae one shot one kill which makes sniping a chore when you can be murdered with three rounds fo an assult rifle of sub machine gun from across the map. when i started playing last night thee where around 400-500 people online playing it, now there are only 100. play battlefield or modern warfare or even better go outside and do something productive, this game sucks.

    1. After watching this video by bigMooney06 I decided to pre-order the game. I didn’t know you didn’t have to pay for it until the game ships so if I don’t like it there’s plenty of time to cancel the order.

      Won’t get the beta code until July 5th though. Grrr.

  3. I pre ordered with and registered with the EA Gun Club and I still haven’t received any emails with codes. So I think that only America are getting the codes 🙁

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