Sorry Cole, I hope you never do this aga…

Sorry Cole, I hope you never do this again. You camped in a hut the whole game after laying down C4 around Bravo. The C4 was hit by stray gunfire (imagine that!) and made a huge dent in the crate’s health, then the same thing happened to the stick you dropped on top of the crate? Ouch.

The other night Mike and Gavin played in a game where one of the team constantly blew up their own crates. He ended up with a score of -5860. Bloody idiot. Looking at you popipipo.

The same may have happened during one of our games where an enemy player ended up with -1660 but I can’t remember if we were attacking or not. Either that, or he was helping his friends boost. It’s just ridiculous. Why don’t you just buy the shortcut kits if you’re that desperate?

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  1. This is becoming such a cheap tactic. They are getting just way too many points for c-4ing it instead of arming. I’ve had teams resort to c-4ing the uav when they still have 30 tickets left!

    1. I don’t mind that, I’ve done it myself but almost always when the crate has been armed already. In this case Cole was defending, as was popipipo so they actually lose points.

      I defended Bravo 1 on Arica Harbour the other night from a C4 laden UAV. It got right next to the crate but I shot it and it spun out of harm’s way. Fortunately!

  2. That guy is an complete Idiot. Why would you post such crap game play. We already have MrCheapkills for that ………. :0
    Only joking mate love your stuff. It very funny and want to see more 🙂

  3. lol He’s not even helping the team by covering them when they are trying to disarm the m-com. He’s just planting c4 and running off, thats lame. I see Mike’s comment on his video was flagged as spam, I wonder why? lol

    As for popipipo. I had no idea what he was doing until the very last station when I see him with the tank. Early on in the game I wonder what was going on as we were doing a great job at defending and very few enemies was getting past our defense line. There should be a cap on guys like this, get -1000 points are you get booted from the game as there is no other way to stop them from doing it.

  4. Oh, if you thought that video was made by someone who didn’t know any better, and was hopefully embarrassed into playing better, he posted part 2 earlier today. This time he didn’t take out the crate but he did damage it. Funniest part was where the recon player watched him plant the C4 on the crate shook his head, probably in amazement at what he was doing. Check out the text chat too. Some of his team mates were incredulous but later others said there wasn’t enough C4 on the crate …

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