The best paybacks in Bad Company 2

Someone kills you in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and you’re itching for revenge. How did you do it? Here’s some funny paybacks by Reddit users. Favourites of mine include the following:

Wookie in the lighthouse sniped me so I got on the UAV, flew it in the hole in the top and down through the lighthouse innards to roadkill him.

Parachuting out of a blackhawk on valpo directly onto the sniper who killed me, doing a little dance on top of him and then stabbing down though his skull.

I went to their house and took all their stuff.
Sometimes I should just hit cancel…

I got sniped by a defender on Port Valdez who was in the attic of one of the houses in our spawn. I came back as an assault with expanded c4 and took the building down with him inside it. He cussed me out afterward, so I know I did a good job.

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