Got destroyed in Bad Company 2 this even…

Got destroyed in Bad Company 2 this evening. Really wiped out.

Even though I unlocked the tracer gun I couldn’t equip it as a medic. Not that it made any difference, we were fighting on Nelson Bay. It’s not the easiest map in the world to play in standard def.

To do something constructive I escalated my PayPal dispute with to a claim and filled in as much detail as possible.

Going be past experience, I’ll be surprised if they respond before the 10 day deadline.

Update! PayPal granted me a refund on my dispute with divineo! Got my fingers crossed the component switcher cable from Amazon arrives today but it’ll probably be next week.

Update 2! I finally received the following message from Divineo, after my payment was refunded by PayPal (not Divineo):

I`m sorry at the moment we do not have this item in stock. Please check as you should have received a refund. Best regards and apologies for the inconvenience. Divineo

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  1. I had a kill/death ratio similar to that when I was starting the game and playing just as a Medic. I recently started up as an Engineer and my K/D is significantly better.

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