After reading this I remembered one of my bad ass moments. On Arica Harbour we were defending. Bravo was already taken and Alpha was being hit from time to time. I cleared out the building and defended the area inside with a load of smoke grenades to make things difficult.
You and the rest of the team joined in the defence but I was left alone some of the time and smoke definitely helped. I got a lot of kills defending that position! 🙂

They eventually took the base by destroying the building but we got their tickets very low, and if memory serves stopped them in the town!

Another moment would be taking out the sniper on the hillside in Laguna Presa. He couldn’t see me because of the smoke but that same smoke made a beautiful glow of the sky and his silhouette was clear as day 🙂

On a totally unrelated note, I booted up the Xbox and PS3 just maybe for 1 match if anyone was online. Sasben and Mole were online but they were already in game and didn’t want to disturb them. Mark was in MW2 and I don’t have that on PS3.
I need sleep, more gaming tomorrow! zzzz