Your most bad ass Bad Company 2 moment?

Reddit users share the stories of their most memorable Battlefield Bad Company 2 moments. What’s yours?

My brain is still half asleep after the games last night and early start so I’m at a loss for one of my own. So please start the ball rolling by leaving your stories here or on Reddit!

0 thoughts on “Your most bad ass Bad Company 2 moment?

  1. Last night, getting my first every bullet drop headshot with the sniper rifle on Valparaso……oh oh oh, no, before that on Atacama when I got a one hit kill leading a target from 200 yards……ahhh, no ooooh there were so many happening last night!

  2. I’ve had 2 and they were identical – killed 3 enemies close up within what must be a few seconds. Each time I was a lowly medic and each time I was amazed I lived.

    Oddly enough a couple of days ago in MW2 I was in the Missile launcher building in Quarry. 3 came in after me. I ran one way round the vehicle and knifed one, then back the other to knife the other then went back again to get the 3rd. 3 knifed, one melee challenge done and a helpful few points for it too.

    Though the spotting from the lighthouse last night was fun. Spot, watch the rain of bullets, repeat. Got several kills from there too between the spotting.

  3. After reading this I remembered one of my bad ass moments. On Arica Harbour we were defending. Bravo was already taken and Alpha was being hit from time to time. I cleared out the building and defended the area inside with a load of smoke grenades to make things difficult.
    You and the rest of the team joined in the defence but I was left alone some of the time and smoke definitely helped. I got a lot of kills defending that position! 🙂

    They eventually took the base by destroying the building but we got their tickets very low, and if memory serves stopped them in the town!

    Another moment would be taking out the sniper on the hillside in Laguna Presa. He couldn’t see me because of the smoke but that same smoke made a beautiful glow of the sky and his silhouette was clear as day 🙂

    On a totally unrelated note, I booted up the Xbox and PS3 just maybe for 1 match if anyone was online. Sasben and Mole were online but they were already in game and didn’t want to disturb them. Mark was in MW2 and I don’t have that on PS3.
    I need sleep, more gaming tomorrow! zzzz

    1. Yup, Arica Harbour they pushed hard at the top and then totally lost it in the town. I was on the roof of the building at the end of the map spotting and sniping anyone who was coming down the hill and mortaring their tanks when they brought them into view. I was expecting to be pushed all the way back to the last bases, but they just couldn’t seem to get it together and launch an effective attack.

      I think the main problem with that other team was that they just didn’t use the vehicles to their advantage.

      I’m not going on tonight, I’m going to try and get some real sleep.

      1. In that same game I spotted an enemy tank trying to flank that base so when I died I came back as an engineer, ran to the wall hoping to shoot it. Spotted the tank through a gap and shot the RPG from the hip and destroyed it!
        Only remembered that after reading this. 🙂

  4. Overpowered….needs to be nerfed….such a noob….

    Sorry to hijack your post but readin that link just identified to me everything that is wrong with the game: the whining players. The fact that people choose to play differently to you is what makes the game interesting. How many times did we get killed by the M60 laser cannon the other night? And how many times did we complain about it. Lots, and none (although your pal said he didn’t like the Medic’s face…). If you know anyone in the industry, nudge them in the direction of ‘Ogga Ug Banga Whack Whack’.

    1. Yeah, there are some funny threads on reddit about that topic, this one needs a link to your Ogga post 🙂

      The M60 may be overpowered but it’s countered by the fact that recoil on the damn thing is awful and it’s useless against tanks. I remember the comments about the face too. Funny, but I won’t hold that against medics!

      “The recon class is way too powerful. That s_aber fella shot me way too many times.”

      1. It was during the medic discussion that my laptop took its tea bath…

        But wow! Someone who has actually considered the logic in their argument. And on the internets too – a rarity.

        And recon class, needs to be nerfed. Being able to shoot someone from across the map and get a one shot kill is definitely cheating. 😉

  5. I was playing Atacama two days ago as a recon, armed with my trusty GOL sniper rifle. I was in base C sniping players in base A. Just then behind the A base an apache was flying through. I took the shot and successfully sniped the pilot causing the helicopter to fall out the sky 🙂 Epic experiance

    1. Nice Kaptein! That was a hell of a long range shot!

      I think I’ve managed that just once, and that was with an assault rifle over the island on Isla.

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